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Does Graph# support Graphml attributes (<data key=...)?

Dec 15, 2011 at 10:13 PM

I'm very new to Graph# and I'm currently testing it to see if it will support my next project's requirements. I am very impressed with the example application (v1.0) but now I need to explore other features.

I wanted to see Graphml attributes displayed within my graph's nodes, so I added a 'data' element to my .gml file and referenced it from within a node. According to 2 different validators my .gml file is valid against the schema, but Graph# crashes whenever I try and load the .gml file.

I downloaded the source code (v1.0) and ran with exception notifications turned on. I am getting the following errors in the PocSerializeHelper Class when calling the GraphMLDeserializer.Deserialize function:

  • ArgumentException was unhandled
  • graphml node not found

Can someone please tell me if this is expected behaviour, or should Graph# support these elements?

I have posted my .gml file below just in case


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<graphml xmlns="">
  <key id="nodeName" for="node""name" attr.type="string">
    <default>No Name</default>
  <graph id="G" edgedefault="undirected">
    <node id="0">
      <data key="nodeName">Some Name</data>
    <node id="1" />
    <edge id="0to1" source="0" target="1" />