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Edges between child vertices

May 28, 2015 at 8:05 AM

I have created a ClassDiagram using QuickGraph whose Vertex control has UI as a sqaure box and list of child elements in it. The child elements are the Class members in the class diagram. There are edges between one class to other.
Now i want to further modify it as have the edges between the child elements of the classes. i.e for eg:
if my code is :
  //Calls Class2.Method2();
Method11() {}

When i view this in my graph, i get 2 vertices (Class1 & Class2) i.e 2 rectangles with its methods as child elements and one edge between these 2 classes.
Now, I want to also have a edge between Method1() and Method2() (As Method1 calls method2)
If i make this methods also as vertex and add to graph, the layout changes completely.
Can you please help me how to get these child vertices into the vertex control and have edges between them.