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Get/set Vertex X/Y or get GraphLayout entire state to be set again as it was later

Jul 13, 2014 at 1:09 PM
Recently i started using the amazing Graph# Lib to build a program that will display my building departments and will be able to see each of their info once i click on one of the Vertex's.

Now my problem is that once i organize the nodes(Vertex's) on the GraphCanvas and after i reload the program the vertex's X&Y are not the same that were before , so i would like to save the vertex's state so once i reopen the program , the graph will be the same.

I tried to use the
GraphCanvas.getX/Y + GraphCanvas.setX/Y 
but that didn't worked for me at all.

if anyone got a suggestion on what to do or even better , another way to implement the solution to my problem , that would be awesome :)

Thanks Heads up everyone